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Boy Crisis……a little annoying?

October 30th, 2009 by Pj

You’ll be hearing a lot about Boy Crisis over the next few months; they’re up and coming starlets of the record industry and the subject of overblown hysterical hype and rampant A&R buzz.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Boy Crisis consists of members Tal Rozen , Alex Kestner , Victor Vazquez , Lee Pender, and Owen Roberts. Their first album, Tulipomania, was released October 5, 2009, in the UK.

I haven’t decided whether I like these guys yet. Some of their songs are catchy, highly danceable nuggets of electro-pop; the song structures are flawless, the hooks subtle, and there’s plenty of melody. But its so brutally hip and ‘now’ that it hurts. They reek of scenesters hitching a ride on the nu indie/disco bandwagon dominating MTV2 and the A-list on Radio 1.

It’s like MGMT got f*cked by Peaches Geldof to a soundtrack of Cool and the Gang… the resulting spawn being squeezed out in some dingy backroom of the Saatchi and Saathci gallery , already donning skinny jeans, “i’ve just had sex with a groupie” messy hair, and big “i’m so rad” sunglasses.

In October of 2008, Amy Phillips of Pitchfork Media declared Boy Crisis “the absolute worst band in the world right now. Seriously.” I wouldn’t go that far.. . she obviously hasn’t heard of the Pigeon detectives.

There are some redeemable features to this band, but they are few and far between….and they’re certainly not worth the hype.

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