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Mixtape: DJ Cobra – Iller

January 24th, 2010 by Pj

Iller by Djcobra on Mixcloud

“This album is an eclectic mix of recognizable hits of all genres both new and old, fused together and presented in a manner that can best be described as a digital collage of pop music culture. Featuring over three hundred recognizable music samples, “iller” is one of the most elaborate compilations ever created. Due to the pop nature of the album, the cover art concept was originally composed in early May 2009 as a homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” the best selling and most highly acclaimed pop album of all time by the quintessential musical icon of the modern era.”

You can download the mix, or the individual tracks from here: http://www.cobraisiller.com/

3 Responses

  1. Jerome K Says:

    Loved it. Incredible mixing and blending of music. Where does this DJ spin? Got to go see him.

  2. Pj Says:

    Yeah pure quality eh! He’s based in California and has just finished a huge tour around the US….I’m sure he’ll be back on the road again soon though. Heres a link to his myspace for ya http://www.myspace.com/djcobra

  3. yourhydra Says:

    reminds me of girl talk. wicked mix…can’t stop dancing

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