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New Gold Panda Track

September 12th, 2010 by Pj


Gold Panda is an electronic musician from Chelmsford in the UK. He’s been kicking around for a while now but has only recently started to get the recognition he deserves. His sound is pretty ecelectic; a floaty ambient electronic mix with gleaming instrumental hip-hop tracks, saturated with sublimely chopped-up vocal samples. He recently released the You EP—featuring remixes from Osborne, Seams and Dam Mantle, and hes just put out a really nice new tune on soundcloud. Enjoy…

Snow & Taxis by Gold Panda

Same Dream China by Gold Panda

2 Responses

  1. Music for Songwriters Says:

    great beats man…is the album for the tracks out yet or are these singles?

  2. Pj Says:

    This tracks from his new EP – you can find more over at his soundcloud page.

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