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New Mr Hudson Album

October 22nd, 2009 by Pj


With a dramatic band make over and the loss of ‘the library’, Mr Hudson has emerged as a whole different act. Under the tutelage or Mr West, a shiny new image and sound has been crafted.

West has even declared Hudson to be “potentially one of the most important artists of his generation”. But lets not get to carried away with this…we all know Kanye talks some sh*t.

I was a big fan of the first album, MR Hudson and the library. Great songs coupled with a great sound.  The production used acoustic guitar interspersed with classically informed piano, soulful, Motown-inspired backing vocals and bass guitar, steelpan, electric drums & unusual rhythm patterns to create an expansive, interesting sound.

Having received the new album a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

Upon given it a listen I’ve got to say I’m pretty disappointed.  Some of the tracks aren’t bad, the standout tracks for me being “anyone but him” and “Time”, which is a colossal affair with a pounding beat and powerful lyrics.

However the album quickly becomes monotonous, bordering on irritating. West is forever adding clunky raps where they’re not wanted and diverting the spotlight from Hudson.

But the killer for me and the real enemy on this record is that oh so fashionable bloody computer program – Autotune.

When a production technique has been pioneered by Cher  that really ought to be enough reason to leave it alone, but practically every line on here is fed through a filter that makes it sound like somebody is attempting to forcibly tracheotomise Hudson while he sings. Single ‘Supernova’ is practically a parody, and the same technique renders the title track absolutely unlistenable. It’s a shame, because in making Hudson sound like a cyborg with a wonky tuning dial in his throat, it detracts from the moments on the album that might otherwise have been affecting.

Mr Hudson….Stop using auto-tune and bring back the library!

Track listing;

1. “Supernova (Feat. Kanye West)”
2. “White Lies”
3. “Straight No Chaser”
4. “Rain On Your Parade”
5. “Way Out (Feat. Big Sean)”
6. “Misunderstood”
7. “Anyone But Him (Feat. Kanye West)”
8. “There Will Be Tears”
9. “Everything is Broken (Feat. KiD CuDi)”
10. “Stiff Upper Lip”
11. “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”
12. “Time”


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