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New Venga Digital Blog

November 27th, 2009 by Pj


The boys over at Venga Digital ( if you don’t know, they’re the label home to the likes of TLGB and the Mighty Fools) have recently started up a new blog to showcase all the unsigned and up and coming artists they encounter. Here’s what they say in their own words…

We receive around 100 demos a month at the moment, and although we listen to each, and respond… we would always like to do more. There are loads of tracks and artists that are excellent, and send us great tracks – but for one reason or another they go unsigned.SO… we thought we would launch the unsigned top 10, which honours everyone who sends us stuff – by giving them at least some exposure in that top 10 should the track go unsigned. If all that wasn’t enough, we also feature new artists that are just breaking through. ”

……Sounds good eh?  go check it out…


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