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Why? Free Remix mp3’s

November 14th, 2009 by Pj


Why? is an American hip hop/ indie rock band. Originally the moniker of California artist Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf, Why? became a full band before their 2005 release Elephant Eyelash with Doug McDiarmid and Matt Meldon, as well as Yoni’s older brother, Josiah Wolf.

When Matt Meldon left, the band became a three-piece, with Yoni as the primary songwriter and an additional keyboardist at live concerts.With the release of their new album,Eskimo Snow, Why? may have finally made the final step in their process from alt-rap to a full fledged weirdo art pop group. Starting with Elephant Eyelash and continuing on with last year’s amazing Alopecia, the group, fronted by merciful song smith Yoni Wolf, have stretched farther than I suspect anyone would have guessed.

In their arrangements, Why? leans toward folk and indie rock with quirky hip hop stylings. If you’ve never heard Yoni’s voice before – and you really should have – it carries the same disaffected, sightly nasal, intonation as We Are Scientists’ Keith Murray’s,  crossed with Mark ‘E’ Everett….

Check out these sweet remix’s  of a couple of their tunes( click the song name to download);

The Vowels Part 2 ( Amplive Remix)

One Rose ( Alias remix)


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